With 20 years of combined experience in branding, marketing, and design, we’ve become a dangerous duo. A classic mashup of right-brain creativity and left-brain strategic and analytical thinking; we’re best known for bringing dynamic energy and fresh perspective to the projects we work on. 

Although we consult with clients that have 5-figure budgets for creative and marketing, we’ve never lost our passion for supporting emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s our hope to pour our collective wisdom into the rising community of movers and shakers so their companies can compete in the fast-paced, ever-evolving business landscape of today.

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Despite being immersed in a marketing culture, many entrepreneurs and business owners never learn the secrets to help them grow their ideas, products and businesses effectively. 

In this e-book, you will be introduced to the most important terms and strategies needed to take your concept to the next level.



I've been a renegade for as long as I can remember. It's not that I can't play within the system, I just do my best work when I'm able to color outside the lines. I made sure to carefully learn the rules, so that I could effectively break them.

I know that entrepreneurship is currently trending as the new "sexy" thing to do, but I've spent the better half of my life developing hardcore creative skills and business acumen. I'm proud to be able to celebrate more than a decade of success building start-ups. 

In addition to my companies, I've been able to utilize my creative abilities to breathe life into brands and help several small businesses and organizations reach their potential.




Think big city businessman... dressed in a t-shirt and some Jordans.

I’ve got the formal training – business degree from a prestigious University, close to 10 years of experience in “Corporate America” developing strategies for multi-million dollar brands, and a few successful start ups under my belt.

I also have a few of the things that money can’t buy; work ethic, integrity and an all around passion for helping people and brands grow to their maximum potential.

When it comes to developing marketing and brand strategies that win over the hearts and minds of people, holla at me!