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FEB 2018



We've been working on an e-book together over the past few months, and we're FINALLY getting close to the finish line. While Mahdi was working diligently to finalize copy for the book, I was designing our new website (the one you're reading this on.)

In the middle of the design process, I was inspired to create some dope black and white photography to drive the aesthetic direction of the site. We quickly packed up our things and left our makeshift office – Suite 100 – a booth in the local coffeeshop.

After a quick wardrobe change, we recruited my sister to be our amazing camerawoman for the day. We opted to keep the shoot simple. Rugged backgrounds, heavy contrast, and natural movement...all shot and edited on the iPhone.


FEB 2018


mahdi_teaching webinar.JPG


Zakiyrah Ficklin (@Zakiyrah) invited me to speak on marketing and branding to the #GRINDATION family. Grindation is a membership community that focuses on personal and professional development. 

Even though I speak and teach for a living, there is always a bit of anxiety leading up to the talks. It’s also extremely humbling whenever I get approached to speak, so I never take it lightly. 

I was torn between what talk to prepare, so I started preparing three different talks. Realizing it wasn’t realistic to try and build three talks at one time, I outsourced the decision on which talk to give to Zakiyrah ☺

The options were:

  1. Branding Decoded
    • Everybody knows the word “brand,” but no one quite knows how brands are built. Hear firsthand on the “do’s and don’ts” of brand building, as learned from my firsthand experience managing multi-million dollar brands. 
  2. Marketing Mix: The 4Ps That You Control
    • It’s your job to develop products that have real value. This talk helps you understand how to create and modify your marketing plan to maximize value for the consumer and sales for your business.
  3. ABCs of Marketing: Marketing Plan Rollout
    • Talk centers on the step-by-step guide that we are using to launch our first book. Great talk for authors and other entrepreneurs interested in seeing how to roll out a new product launch. 

We ultimately chose to go with Option #2. In my humble opinion, the call went great, and I was able to meet some entrepreneurs that are doing some cool work across the US. 

Well, time to get back to the grind! (pun intended)

Cues: Ice Cube’s, “It Was A Good Day.”

Learn more about Zakiyrah Ficklin at

Learn more about Grindation at


FEB 2018



“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

We started working on what would become the ABCs of Marketing back in July 2017.  The original launch date was set for October 1st and we were on pace to deliver the book on time.

Then, something strange happened. We started bleeding – figuratively speaking. 

The thought of exposing our most intimate thoughts about marketing, branding, design and entrepreneurship started to cripple our ability to write. Self-doubt found its way in the mix, and we both withdrew back into our shells. I stopped speaking altogether. Ish stopped creating. It was a weird 3 months of nothingness.

Somewhere around mid December, after we reached our emotional rock bottom, we got our swag back.  We did what marketers do - we focused on delivering the best product possible, and if it meant we had to break out of our own comfort zones to do it – than so be it. 

And now we’re here – the proverbial “finish line” – as we’ve completed the book and we’re preparing to launch a finished product. But we know that the end of one thing is just the beginning of another. Having run this race before, we’re ready to do it again.